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Though my very first experience performing on stage was in beauty pageants, I never thought that being an actor or an artist was an option or acceptable. Growing up, I heard people talk about becoming a doctor or a lawyer in this idolized way. So I thought.... “I’ll pick one of those careers to study. It seems to make the adults happy.” Need I say anymore? We all know what happens when we try to please others rather than following our own unique path.

Even though I wasn’t yet consciously on the journey to become an actor, I was being guided to it. From playing characters while doing the morning announcements in elementary, to pretending that I had a British accent in a silly improvised

performance at cheer camp, to acting out a McDonald’s puppet show in Spanish in high school, I have always loved freely expressing myself and being creative. Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.”

When I chose to attend Baylor University, I was on the practical path to become a lawyer. I was still trying to connect the dots to form someone else’s picture perfect idea for my life. Though my Greek Mythology, Psychology of Acting, and Theater Appreciation courses served as a foundation for sparking my interest, it was the Baylor theatrical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie that stirred a feeling of excitement and passion. It was a feeling that I had to explore. So I took a page out of Oprah’s book and I decided to ask myself what the next right move was for me. That meant saying goodbye to law school (for now), so that I could pursue acting. And we are. I would like to extend my Southern hospitality with a virtual handshake to say nice to meet you. You’ve made it this far, why not check out my other social media pages and say hello!

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  • I made my feature debut in Miss Juneteenth in 2020. It was selected and premiered at Sundance Film Festival and SXSW film festivals in 2020. It premiered in select theaters and on streaming platforms, such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime. It made its network premiere on BET on Thanksgiving day 2020 and was nominated for two Gotham Awards, four Independent Spirit Awards, and one NAACP Image award.